The Story

“I’m not moving in with a bunch of old people,”
Chris’ grandmother declared–at 89

The first introduction Chris Wise had to his future career was when, at 26, he became the family designate to move his grandmother into elder housing. That discussion was brief. “I left with three brochures in my hand,” he reports, “and the door slapped me on the way out.” It took very little time for Chris to understand his grandmother’s objection to the moribund realities of elder living. Moreover, it inspired him to build the kind of home his grandmother would enjoy. A year later, she was thriving at Wise Living’s Chatham House and twenty years after that, his mother is savoring a full and productive life while residing at Wise Living’s The Melrose.

The Philosophy

Wise Living begins with the philosophy that one’s elder years, while different, can be as energetic and rewarding as any other era — if the timeless verities of all that makes life satisfying are maintained intact:

A beautiful home that suits your style and taste, is community-based, completely secure, professionally managed and situated among an enviable level of amenities;

An environment that is supportive of programs that ensure good health, where services addressing the normal effects of aging are efficiently and affordably delivered in the most comfortable of all possible venues, one’s own home; The care that comes naturally when old and new friends can share a wide range of mutual interests, where diverse gatherings are easily accommodated and where assistance is available 24 hours a day.

The Promise

A good argument can be made that senior independent living communities now represent the best near-term real estate investment opportunities.

PRESERVATION OF EQUITY: Home ownership has been the source of equity growth for more Americans than any other than any other investment. The ability to rent at an affordable price in a vibrant Independent Living Community like Wise Living Yarmouth is a great way to liberate and preserve the equity you’ve earned through home ownership.

CHOICE: Wise Living puts the independent into senior independent living. At Wise Living Yarmouth, your life, your activities and especially the way you choose to receive healthcare remain a family decision. From the outset, all Wise Living communities have been served by in-home health care professionals, often Visiting Nurse Associations. While the economic advantages are huge — and perhaps even essential for independent living — the greatest benefits may be the retention of an elder’s dignity. Today, even significant medical attention can be received in the familiar comfort of the home environment.

At all Wise living communities, choice extends beyond healthcare and into the conduct of living as well. While some residents love to dine at home, others have had their fill of cooking and prefer the convenience of an on-site bistro and top-quality restaurant-style dining. Motivated seniors will access the Wellness Center’s pool and equipment on a regular schedule, either on their own, with a trainer or another member. And when travel opportunities appear, the adventuresome say yes, lock the door and go.

CONTROL: The most cherished of all of life’s endowments is independence. It goes to the soul of the American way of life and there is no reason for any senior to allow it to be snatched away. Seniors’ judgments are experience-based and honed over the years. Independent activities can be enjoyed confidently in a community where resident assistants are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take that walk, get out with friends, do some gardening, putt the afternoon away on a nearby golf course; no more the fear that an unanswered phone call, day or night, will alarm concerned callers.

The Enduring Standards

Home, health and care are the three pillars of independent living that enable seniors to catalyze fulfilling lives. These also are the pillars on which Wise Living was built, strengths that empower members to live full lives throughout the fullness of time.